Rate Your Favorite Company, or Judge Your most Hated Corporation

Consumer and Company Evaluation

It is thought that you here evaluate and rate different companies and corporations, in order to empower good company conduct, consumer purchases, and a good standard with regards to consumerism. 

Media Blackout
As we gain trust and publicity, we will be able to rule out and expose bad company behaviour, regardless of mainstream media.

Everything you hear and read will be directly from your peers, and surely not from peeps or media with alternate agendas. 

It is crucial that we become mainstream and popular in order to gain empowerment, and raise a consumer voice against all the bad corporate behaviour. So spread the word!

Enterprise Evaluator - Company Rater

With this new webservice you are now able to evaluate different companies, brands, and corporations along with your peers. In that way people from all around the world are able to see, rate and understand products, brands and companies from a consumer prespective. 

In this way we as consumers are able to mobilize, empower and protect ourselves from bad company ethics, media blackouts, and a downplay of corporate behaviour.  

In time it is hoped that we as consumers through this service (Enterprise Evaluator) will be able to be all powerful and control which companies to boycut, and which companies to support, and in this way triumph over corporate power, and consumer neglactance. Enterprise Evaluator - Company Rater!


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